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Ok here’s some exciting news. I’ve been messing around a bit with a few music programs lately and have come up with a few pretty cool mixes. This is the latest one I did and I thought I’d put it up for you guys to check out. I’d love to start DJ-ing for real at […]

Food and Wine

On Saturday night, to celebrate Jen’s Birthday we went out to the ‘Food and Wine Expo’ at the Toronto Convention centre. It was pretty good. Kind of like beerfest, but a lot more sofisticated. We didn’t bring a camera so I’ve stolen a few pixely pics from the main website. It ended up being about […]

Just one more!

Alright, I know I’ve been posting a lot of mindless links, this is the last one though…promise.
Pretty cool music video/commercial for “Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats” and for the Sony Bravia TV. I can only imagine how much fun this was.
Bouncy Balls
UPDATE: Here’s the making of the commercial, kind of interesting.
“Here comes the sun” - […]

Update, I’m sick…arrrgh
Other then that not too much exciting stuff going on.
I went to see the cat empire last weekend, it rocked. But once again they hit us with a stupid early show (doors @ 5pm), so you get out of the show around 9 and don’t really know what to do with yourself after […]

Cool Jimmy Hendrix Video

Here’s a video of Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock. It’s his whole set! Pretty good quality too!
“Excuse me! While I kiss the sky!” - Jimmy Hendrix

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Check this out, pretty cool animation. It blows my mind to think of how they made this. Not a bad song either…?
“Money! It’s a drag!” - Pink Floyd

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The Cat Empire

I went to see The Cat Empire on Friday evening. It was an early show which was pretty much the only bad thing about the whole show!
We had a pretty big crew going and most of them came down to our place (the 157) for drinks and to hang out before the show started. Then […]

Free the 80’s!

I watched “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” tonight at Netbugs recommendation. It was pretty cool. Defiantly an original style of movie, and Robert Downey Jr. is pretty funny. Kind of hard to follow at parts, but it all becomes clear in the end.
Here’s a cool link to free 80’s MP3s. No catch…just download. Enjoy.
Bring on the […]