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Not much…
I have finished a book though…wow exciting. It’s pretty cool that I read it at work, while working! It’s been kind of dead at work these days so I have a lot of time when I’m not on calls. Good for reading, and I’ve actually started trying to teach myself how to draw as […]

I’ve done some research…

So I’ve been trying to look up some info on this new bike that I am working on, and I think I have found the model.

The Bike is called the ”Schwinn: Slick Chick”. Yes…it is a girls bike…but what are you gonna do. I still think it looks pretty sweet, and with a bit of work, maybe […]

My New Project!

So I have finally started working on something that I have wanted to do since I got back from Whistler. On Friday night, I went to Madison with Derek, Jen and Holly. On the way home, we happened to stumble past a random bike just leaning against a wall of a house that was under […]