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Shredding in Tremblant

Over New years I headed to Tremblant with my cousins Carrie and Hayley. We had booked some beds at the same hostel that we stayed at a few years ago and I was really excited to see what the place was like. I was a little nervous about the snowboarding though because there had not been much snow and it had been very warm lately.
But when we got there we found that there were plenty of runs open and the hostel was exactly how we rememberd it. So we got three days of riding in and paried hard on new years eve!
The riding was a little bit icey, but it was great to get back on my board. We actually got pretty lucky because the day we left (January 1) it was pouring rain. Good planning.

sunset pose.jpg

So now I am back in Toronto and back to work. not much else to report really. I have posted all of the photos from our Tremblant adventure here or you can click the ‘my photos’ link on the right. Please ignore how completely wasted I look…I’m going to blame it on being tierd from snowboarding.


“If I stay behind, will you let your hair grow?” - Band Of Horses

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    Ya. Seriously.

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