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About me and this Blog


My name is Robin Salter. I’m 24 and live in Toronto Canada. I grew up in Toronto and have just recently moved to the downtown core.

This blog was set up mainly during my travels to New Zealand, Australia, and accross the states with my brother (netbug). We did it so that our friends and family could keep track of what we were up to during our adventure. I then used the Blog during the rest of my travels to the carribean and to Whistler B.C. Then I decided to keep it going once I returned to Toronto. Unfortunatly we had a crash that wiped out all of our posts from our travels…:( but we have started again and are backing things up.

I hope that you find this site to be an amusing waste of time. My goal is to have a great site which links other interesting sites together as well as keeps friends and family up to date with things that I am up to.


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