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To blog, or not to blog?

That is the question.

As I can see you have noticed, by blog posts have been non-existant for quite some time. It seems like no matter how much I tell myself I’m going to update more, I just can’t see to find the motivation. I definatly appreciate everyone still checking on the site and bugging me to update. Right now I am really getting in this djing stuff and that is sucking up all of the time that I generally spend infront of my computer.

So my plan as far as the blog goes is to maybe re-vamp it a bit to make it geared more towards my music. But for now I am just going to take a break from it all together.

Thanks for reading thus far though! Let me know if any new blogs get started up, and I will check em out.


“What a day for a daydream, it’s a day for a daydream and boy…” - John Sebastian

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